Tips for applying for jobs at your local council

Here are some pointers that describe how to apply, attend an interview, and perhaps land a job. Read the particulars thoroughly. It will explain how to complete the application form and what they are looking for to be successfully shortlisted. Pay close attention to the person specification because it will be used to compare your application to determine whether you will be invited for an interview. Use specific instances to prove your suitability for the position. Instead of merely saying, “I work well in a team,” show it. Do some research on the organisation and its aims. Make sure you are familiar with any regional programmes and jargon relevant to the position you are applying for. You may use this knowledge in your interview and it will undoubtedly be to... Read More »

Writing a Successful Job Application

When you find a job you like and want to apply for, don’t rush in and start filling in the application straight away. Take some time to prepare. Collect together all the things that you will need. This will include your school/college/university achievements and qualifications, employment history and contact information for your references.  Study the job description. During your answers, you’ll be able to refer back to the skills and qualities they are looking for.  Do some research on the company. Social media is usually a good place to start. What is the company ethos, what sector do they trade within, and who are their biggest competitors?  Lastly, read the application form instructions carefully, make a note of the deadline for applications and how it needs to be sent, and... Read More »

Jobs in the UK

Public sector jobs are some of the most rewarding communities as what you are working on directly impacts the lives of others. There are many different jobs, whether in a civil servant role or something more specific like teaching. The most important part of the process is to read the job description and personal specifications. From there, you can pull on areas of your life and career history to give you the best chance of meeting the requirements of your chosen position.  Tailoring your CV to reflect your willingness to enhance the lives of others can help secure a position in these fields. Remember, your CV is the first impression an employer gets of you, so make yourself stand out and don’t be tripped up by spelling mistakes. An interview... Read More »

What are Civil Service jobs?

The civil service sector comprises jobs that enforce local and national laws and help implement government policies.  These include police and fire services, DVLA, tax and immigration control.  A job within the civil service allows you to help make a difference in people’s lives. When considering a role in the civil service, you need to research all the different departments, specialisms and agencies that make up the different sectors, which includes roles right at the heart of government.  There are roles available within business, sport, education, energy and health and social care to name just a few.  It does depend on what interests you.  The Civil Service offers a graduate scheme called The Fast Stream and is for those looking for a graduate entry-level position.  These positions are designed to... Read More »

Why You Would Want to be in the Civil Service

Working for the Civil Service has several incredible benefits, but the most important one is the opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of UK citizens. Civil Service jobs often can offer flexibility to help give you a comfortable work-life balance. You also will have advancement opportunities and an above-average salary. There is also a pension for long-term service. Additionally, there are often many remote working opportunities or even job sharing. Though currently suspended, there is also the possibility of the fast-track apprenticeship reopening in the future, to give more opportunity for entering a new career field in either policy, business, commercial, digital, data and technology, finance and project deliver sectors. If you have been considering a job as a civil servant, you should definitely start looking... Read More »