What are Civil Service jobs?

The civil service sector comprises jobs that enforce local and national laws and help implement government policies.  These include police and fire services, DVLA, tax and immigration control.  A job within the civil service allows you to help make a difference in people’s lives. When considering a role in the civil service, you need to research all the different departments, specialisms and agencies that make up the different sectors, which includes roles right at the heart of government.  There are roles available within business, sport, education, energy and health and social care to name just a few.  It does depend on what interests you.  The Civil Service offers a graduate scheme called The Fast Stream and is for those looking for a graduate entry-level position.  These positions are designed to... Read More »

Main Advantages of Working in the Public Sector

The public sector, despite recent government cutbacks, remains a very large entity with tremendous amounts of employment opportunities. If you’re currently looking for a job, you may be wondering about what sets jobs in the public sector apart from those in private enterprises, and whether or not it is worth choosing one over the other. The truth to this question is that it is a bit of a mixed bag, but it is certainly not without clear advantages: Public sector work is typically characterised by high levels of jobs security. In almost all cases for the last 50 years, working in government employment guarantees a higher level of job security than most private sector jobs. This is because public sector organisations are generally insulated from the topsy-turvy nature of entrepreneurship.... Read More »

How Civil Engineers Work in Government

A big part of the role of local government is the maintenance of the infrastructure in society. This includes roads, sewage systems, flood defences and more besides these. Civil engineers play a fundamental role in all of these areas, as it is their job to build the structures, and then inspect and maintain going forward. Civil engineers differ from a typical builder due to a university degree. It is a considerable discipline that has quite a lot of similarities with architectural design, although they don’t really deal with residential or commercial properties. They look at carrying out geological surveys to make sure the land earmarked for development is suitable and that roads and sewage systems can be developed in the area. Civil engineers are primarily engaged in working with governments... Read More »

Working in Universities

University education isn’t just essential for developing skilled young people for the economy, it also one of the largest employment markets around. It employs everything from university administrators and data entrists, to university lecturers and professors. Very few other organisations have such a breadth of skills and expertise required for the day to day running of the organisation. One of the biggest benefits to working in a university are the high levels of job security. Universities, even after increased tuition fees, remain as popular as ever or even more so, which means there is very little chance of you going into redundancy if you enter into employment with a university. There are two primary areas in which you can work in a university; as an academic/teacher, or as an administrator.... Read More »

What is the Public Sector?

The public sector is a very important concept to learn the meaning of, as it is used all of the time in public discourse. A lot of people mistake it for meaning purely government employment, but, more accurately, it represents the total part of the economy that is dependent upon government spending. This is an important distinction to make, as a lot of the spending that the government makes is made to private businesses, and without taking a view of how government spends it This is an important distinction to make, as a lot of the spending that the government makes is made to private businesses. Without taking a view towards the totality of government spending, you won’t get a true representation of how much of our economy is dependent... Read More »