Necessary Qualifications for Nursing Positions

The average person has a tendency to label ‘nursing’ as a singular, ubiquitous job when the reality is quite different. There is a wide range of nursing positions each requiring varying types and levels of expertise. The nursing skills required to treat in an emergency ward differ quite a bit from a nursing position in a childcare facility, for instance. Senior positions, of course, require a blend of high-level nursing qualifications and experience and training in management skills. Nursing is actually a highly specialised field, that focuses on one of four areas of care: adults, children, learning disability and mental health. During the early portions of studying to become a nurse, your degree will touch upon all four areas before you will be required to specialise in one of them, which... Read More »

Taking a Job in Nursing

Nursing is a fast growing field to work in, particularly in elderly care nursing. This is likely to continue for some time yet, as we’re in the midst of an ageing population, where a larger portion of our total population consists of the elderly than at any other point in our history. The only way we seem able to deal with this is to hire nursing staff to care for them, and therefore the employment opportunities as a nurse are very high. Elderly care is a significant industry, but calling it a single industry can create misconceptions about what types of opportunities are available for you to take on. For instance, many people expect an individual working in elderly care to be in care homes throughout most of their careers.... Read More »