Writing a Successful Job Application

When you find a job you like and want to apply for, don’t rush in and start filling in the application straight away. Take some time to prepare. Collect together all the things that you will need. This will include your school/college/university achievements and qualifications, employment history and contact information for your references. 

Study the job description. During your answers, you’ll be able to refer back to the skills and qualities they are looking for. 

Do some research on the company. Social media is usually a good place to start. What is the company ethos, what sector do they trade within, and who are their biggest competitors? 

Lastly, read the application form instructions carefully, make a note of the deadline for applications and how it needs to be sent, and do you need to allow extra time for posting. Be sure to complete all the required sections and information and leave blank any sections that aren’t relevant to you.