Necessary Qualifications for Nursing Positions

The average person has a tendency to label ‘nursing’ as a singular, ubiquitous job when the reality is quite different. There is a wide range of nursing positions each requiring varying types and levels of expertise. The nursing skills required to treat in an emergency ward differ quite a bit from a nursing position in a childcare facility, for instance. Senior positions, of course, require a blend of high-level nursing qualifications and experience and training in management skills. Nursing is actually a highly specialised field, that focuses on one of four areas of care: adults, children, learning disability and mental health. During the early portions of studying to become a nurse, your degree will touch upon all four areas before you will be required to specialise in one of them, which... Read More »

Apprenticeships – Starting your Career

Apprenticeships are one of the oldest forms of skills learning in all of human history. They’ve been common practice for a wide range of professions since the birth of civilisation, and it is only really fairly recently that the practice has been somewhat overtaken by modern-day higher education. Even so, an apprenticeship can give you the practical experiences you’ll need to succeed in a specific career in ways that a modern day education often fails people. Apprenticeships true value comes from how you spend your period as an apprentice living and breathing in the environment that you will eventually find your own. This stands in contrast to a university degree, where you get a broader but less relevant education. The downside to them is The downside to them is that... Read More »