How to Prepare for a Teaching Career

It is an unfortunate truth that a career in teaching has one of the highest dropout rates of any career choice. Many people enter into the job without a full understanding of what it entails. There are two sides to this; firstly, many underestimate the amount of administrative work, while secondly, many end up struggling with managing a classroom. Each of these areas are partly responsible for the high dropout rates.

The dropout rate is actually a significant problem, so it is important that we deal with it. The solution will partly be achieved through a change in work environment and a change in the kind of people who apply, and the only way that you can know if you’re well suited to it is to investigate and get some hands on experience.

There are a few ways that you can investigate; getting involved in teaching communities can help you learn about some of their concerns with the profession, for example. You can also look at the statistical data regarding how much time they have to work, and how much they’re paid for that work.

Getting hands-on experience is a bit more complicated, but it is essential that you get some experience of what it is like to actually teach somebody or a group before you commit to years of education in the field of education.

To get hands-on experience, you can look into placements at schools, where you can take a junior role to a classroom teacher and provide assistance to them. You can also consider a tutoring job.