Why you Should Consider Teaching

Teaching is a difficult but rewarding job. It has become increasingly difficult over the last few years, as the government overhaul has a lot of demands for teachers to adapt to. It is actually quite a bit easier for newer teachers than older ones, as they don’t need to unlearn anything in order to fulfil the demands of their job.

Teaching is quite a well-paid profession, with a significant bump up from what the yearly average is for the whole of the UK, and a slightly larger average income than the average for university graduates. It does require a lot of work though; with a self-reported survey recently indicating that teachers spend on average 50 hours a week working.

The flip-side to this is that you do get significant holiday periods spread throughout the year, with six weeks over the summer period.

Besides the fairly high-income teaching promises, there is also a relatively high level of job security; generally far higher than other professions, even when compared to other public sector jobs.

While not a necessity for the job, being passionate about teaching can also bring a lot of its own rewards. Being able to foster the minds of the next generation can be a very rewarding experience, as you see them grow up and develop their skills.