Taking a Job in Nursing

Nursing is a fast growing field to work in, particularly in elderly care nursing. This is likely to continue for some time yet, as we’re in the midst of an ageing population, where a larger portion of our total population consists of the elderly than at any other point in our history. The only way we seem able to deal with this is to hire nursing staff to care for them, and therefore the employment opportunities as a nurse are very high. Elderly care is a significant industry, but calling it a single industry can create misconceptions about what types of opportunities are available for you to take on. For instance, many people expect an individual working in elderly care to be in care homes throughout most of their careers.... Read More »

What is the Public Sector?

The public sector is a very important concept to learn the meaning of, as it is used all of the time in public discourse. A lot of people mistake it for meaning purely government employment, but, more accurately, it represents the total part of the economy that is dependent upon government spending. This is an important distinction to make, as a lot of the spending that the government makes is made to private businesses, and without taking a view of how government spends it This is an important distinction to make, as a lot of the spending that the government makes is made to private businesses. Without taking a view towards the totality of government spending, you won’t get a true representation of how much of our economy is dependent... Read More »

Why you Should Consider Teaching

Teaching is a difficult but rewarding job. It has become increasingly difficult over the last few years, as the government overhaul has a lot of demands for teachers to adapt to. It is actually quite a bit easier for newer teachers than older ones, as they don’t need to unlearn anything in order to fulfil the demands of their job. Teaching is quite a well-paid profession, with a significant bump up from what the yearly average is for the whole of the UK, and a slightly larger average income than the average for university graduates. It does require a lot of work though; with a self-reported survey recently indicating that teachers spend on average 50 hours a week working. The flip-side to this is that you do get significant holiday... Read More »